Onpage Optimization 2016

Website Rankings are Dynamic based upon their Performance.Rivalry among  B2B and B2C Businesses have grown Influencial in Online Markets.To Clasp  the Business,Enterprenuers must think for Smart Strategies.Many Websites are Search Engine Optimized,as Enterprenuers Knows What SEO is .But Search Engines Make Many Changes in their Algorithms to Accomplish their Primary Goals upon Users Satisfaction.As  Algorithm Changes,It Affects Website Rankings.Websites Must be Optimized Periodically to Acheive Businesses Targets in B2B and B2C Markets and  Unveiling  Businesses to Fetch a Overwhelming Profit.

Search Results Rely Upon Algorithms Change.If your Businesses Captivate Users,Websites Rank Remains Unchanged and May Grow if Optimized .To Attract Visitors,Websites Should be Optimized for Users Search Queries and with Responsive Design Adding the Deep Content Information.Onpage SEO in 2016,Shows  the Importance of Websites that have to be Optimized by Maintaing Constant Results in Search Results.


5 Point Formula for Seo Onpage Optimization  2016

Show Your Website According to Users Intent
Content Makes a Website Lucrative .Keywords are Part of Content and Links in Content Keywords Show the Prominence of a Keyword Which Relates  Indepth Topic.Searchers See for the Information by Adding Keywords.Research Keywords Which Relates your business and Matches the User Search Queries.Provide Them a Information Which Enhances Users to Know Importance About Topic and Business.This Establishes your Website in Top Search Results and Makes you to Generate More Leads.

Increase Website Speed
Users are Exhausted with Slower Loading Pages in Websites.Google Shows a Small Importance for Page buts Considers It  as a Ranking Signal in their Algorithm.Compressing Files like Images and Scripts Helps Increasing Page Speed.Adding Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Boosts Websites by Showing  Your Website by Skipping Design for Slower Internet Connections (Ex:2g Connections)  in Mobiles.

Design Responsive Website with UI and UX
Websites Must have Good User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX) with Responsive Design.Website Must be Designed with Mobile Friendly Pages Which Fits Screen Size.Webpages Must be Designed in a Manner Where Users can  Easily Navigate and find Information Quickly without any Delay or Interruptions.

Optimize Rich Snippets by Adding Keywords
When Users Type a Keyword in Search Engines then Websites Will Appear in Search Results.Users See Blogs with  Title,Description,Author and Date or They See Ratings When they Search for Products Online.Rich Snippets like Title,Description,URL Must be Updated and Adding  Schema Markups like Author Name,Date and Items will Result a Top Searches for Related Keywords in Search Engines.

Targeting Related Topics
For Example,If you are Owner of a Blog,You Publish Articles on  homeopathy medicines then mention related topics about the natural medicines like herbal Medicines.Here the Medicine is a Common Keyword but the Value May Differ in homeopathy and Herbal Medicines. Adding Related  Topics in a blog Cognizes Users to Know More about the Topic.

OnPage SEO in 2016 Shows Importance of Keyword Targeting,Adding Related Topics,Rich Snippets and Schema Markups,Increasing Website Speed,Writing Content according to Users Intent Will Establish Websites in Top Search Results foir User Search Queries.

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