Why "****SPAM****" text in subject Kloxo Qmail centos 5

Recently, we have set-up a centos 5 web server with Kloxo installed in it for managing hosting and emails. Kloxo came by default with Courier-IMAP, qmail and vpopmail configured on the server. We have set-up the site that you are currently reading this content from. The email accounts have been created for the domain and we were able to send and receive emails. The problem was that all incoming messages are being marked as "***** SPAM...
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  • Computer Scatter
    Computer Scatter says #
    My friend google got me here...It would be nice if you had more detail on how you got the SPAM markings out of your email before y...
  • Avinash T
    Avinash T says #
    If you are using Kloxo, the default SPAM filter that will be putting the SPAM messages will be BogoFilter. You can update the sett...
  • 9QRCode
    9QRCode says #
    1. Login to kloxo as domain owner 2. Spam Status 3. UnCheck "Enable Spam Filter" 4. Update
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