An effective Link Bait

What is Link Bait? Link bait is a content or a feature placed on a webpage, designed specifically to attract attention and encourage others to link to your website. It may be an article, blog, picture etc. the intention of a link bait is gathering links from as many as different sources possible. It is a technique of writing good quality content and submitting in a specific sort of site in a right sort of field....
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How link building helps to improve your Google page rank and search listings

Google PageRank is a trademarked term for their Google link assessment algorithmic rule, named after Google founder, Larry Page and Brin's. PageRank thinks of links as votes, wherever a page is linking to a different page it is casting a vote. This is smart, because individuals do tend to link to relevant content, and pages with additional links to them are sometimes higher resources than pages that has no links.   Pages with higher PageRank have...
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