How to make Google Adsense work for you

What is Google Adsense?

Google ad sense is a Cost-Per-Click advertisement program; it concedes publishers by adding a small amount of HTML code into their websites. Google ad sense is an easy way to earn money by placing relevant and targeted ads on their websites. Relevancy considered in the content of the publisher’s website. It allows content sites by providing automatic text, images and videos that are targeted to site content as well as audience.

Adsense is a website publishers program, here publishers run ads on their websites and earn money from their content. For example a website owner publish a website or a blog about car, Then the readers may see ads for different models of cars information next to content of the webpage.

Ad sense program is maintained by Google Inc, and revenue generation is depends either a per-click or per-impression basis. Recently Google introduced another feature, i.e., Adsense for “search”. In this “ad sense search” process publishers place a custom search box on their webpage. Whenever visitor search something in your site, a list of ads appears on the search result page. So, someone clicks on those ads, you generate revenue.

Adsense is divided into two basic types:

  • Adsense for content: Google Adsense for content covers ads placed in blogs and websites. Here we can place our ads in RSS feeds or Atom feeds of our blog or website.
  • Adsense for search: Google Adsense for search covers ads placed in the search engine results.

Google Adsense Optimization 


  • Google adsense is easy to join, by pasting simple code in your web pages.
  • Google adsense has for beginners and marketing veterans.
  • Publishers can generate revenue from their own website traffic.
  • Google Adsense is an easy to set up. Here we proceed with a few formalities, once application is approved, everyone can install Adsense easily on their websites.
  • Google Adsense is available with free of cost.
  • In google adsense you can block the inappropriate ads that are displayed on your website.
  • The percentage of payment is more in adsense when comparative to other pay per click programs.
  • It has no affiliate programs.
  • Easy to find strong niches.


  • It has big payout.
  • It doesn’t support too many ads. You place too many ads your site will be rejected. If you want more ads then you need to provide content, and then add your ads.
  • It does not provide enough information about payments.
  • No possibility to share the information about websites.


  • Increases your website revenue.
  • Choose various ad formats.
  • Get large network of online advertisers.
  • Display ads that interest your users.
  • Adsense delivers relevant ads that can be exactly targeted to the publisher website and not just google ads.
  • It is purely based on content relevancy and user’s search request.

How Adsense will work?
Adsense starts work with the advertisers who choose which keywords they would like to advertise on. Let, suppose we want to advertise our new line of granite tools that we just created and we would bid on certain keywords like, “granite tools, best granite tools agency, tools for granites etc.”
The google adsense spiders would then match with our ads up with:

  • Specific keywords that people type in Google search box and display them on top of the search results.
  • Similar websites (others) display adsense ads.

Then the adsense folks will send the robots to crawl others site to see all content is about. If they find that content of both sites and same of keywords that we have, then our ads will appears on the others website next to the article of granite tools.

How to create Google AdSense account:

  • Select google account to continue.
  • Tell About your content: here you should submit your main URL where you want to display ads.
  • Select the language of your website content.
  • Read and agree the google adsense policies, press agree option and continue.
  • Finally submit your adsense application. Here you should enter your personal details, like your name, phone, country, address. Then press “submit my application” to finish with the registration.

These are the simple steps for creating google AdSense account for anyone.

Impact of google AdSense in economic growth:
Google provides more economic impact with adsense program to the publishers.  some of the estimated amounts paid by google to the publishers in 2009 for placing google ads next to their blogs are mentioned below.

  • Google generated $128 million of economic activity for Alabama businesses, website publishers and non-profits in 2009.
  • Google generated $880 million of economic activity for Colorado businesses, website publishers and non-profits in 2009.
  • Google generated $743 million of economic activity for Connecticut businesses, website publishers and non-profits in 2009.

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