How important are your website landing pages for a better traffic conversion

Are you eyeing for a better conversion rates from you website landing pages then you should follow some important tips to achieve it.

  1. Landing pages of a website must not be stuffed up with lots and lots of content or words but rather the content should be crisp, concise and clearly targeted to achieve the needed result.
  2. If you look at the landing pages of many websites you see that there is a scroll bar which runs deep down carrying whole lot of information but what we need to understand is that there is a very small percentage of people who likes to scroll down and especially for the news related sites the scroll bars are fit but not for a product sales or corporate websites. So make sure that your website landing page is not over running deep down with lot of scrolling to do rather keep all you important targeted stuff above the fold i.e. within the standard screen resolution of 768*1024.
  3. Most importantly you need to understand that your site visitor is your potential client so your site landing page should not be confusing to the visitor rather it should precisely highlight what you intend to tell your visitor for example if you are selling products than make sure that visitor doesn’t have to search for the “buy now”  button.
  4. Don’t make your site visitors to wait for the pages to appear this will really vex and make your visitors angry not only that you lose your business but it will create the negative impact. Make sure that your site landing pages are fast enough if not you site visitors will abandon your site. has proven that faster loading landing pages will have higher conversion rates.
  5. Make sure that you project the exact need that is catered by your service or product. Instead of running in many paragraphs make it simple just in few words you can address the need that your service or product can resolve. This can be placed at the most prominent place on your site probably at the top of the site either below or above the header if you are following a web2.0 design.
  6. You should not only depend on content to tell your unique things to your visitor but whereas using images or videos would be a very handy to project what you intend to tell your visitors. As you know an image speaks thousand words.
  7. Keep your product or service description in a very concise manner. Don’t make either too lengthy or too short for your visitor, your visitor shouldn’t get confused or misunderstand the whole concept of what you are trying to sell
  8. Most importantly your site should create some trust to the user. The visitor should trust you or your company in order for him to establish the business relation with you, showing some trust signals on the site plays a significant role in the site traffic conversion. The trust signals can be like photos of people, testimonials, client’s logos or big company partners logos and your clear contact details with a complaint redressal number on it.

The foremost objective of your website is to generate revenue by converting the your site visitors into your potential clients this is where your landing page or the homepage plays a very crucial role. If you are looking for a higher conversion rates than you should get your act of having a right landing page for your site.

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Elite InfoWorld Thursday, 21 February 2013

Thanks for brief explanation about landing page optimization. Landing page will create site's first impression in front of visitors, so its necessary to choose and develop landing page wisely.

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