An effective Link Bait

What is Link Bait?

Link bait is a content or a feature placed on a webpage, designed specifically to attract attention and encourage others to link to your website. It may be an article, blog, picture etc. the intention of a link bait is gathering links from as many as different sources possible. It is a technique of writing good quality content and submitting in a specific sort of site in a right sort of field. It is a viral marketing form, and is extremely powerful. Link bait results both traffic and high rankings to a website without keyword searches.
Link bait is a resource or a content on a website specially created with the aim of attracting the links of other websites, It is the one of the effective method which can result in a considerable increase of your website traffic. Link bait strategy varies from business to business, industry to industry.

Process of creating Link bait

Decide Your Audience It is an important step, in order to create content that’s address a particular audience. You need to consider your audience first, what you later create depends on ‘Who’ you wish links/ social shares from.

Go & Find your target audience Go and catch people from whom you want links or social shares.

Brainstorm Keep the meeting bare, just gain ideas. Don’t let it get adverse and spend lot of time on it

Encourage attendees frame on ideas suggested by others.

Refine your ideas It is one of the most important step to build a successful Link bait. Every time you should refine your ideas to build an  effective Link bait strategy.

Build appropriate format Naturally this step is about counting the best ways of telling / sharing story. It is also worth reflective about what you target audience like sharing as well as linking to.

Pre-outreach Before you creating whatever you planned, checks one’s is it really right time? Or not?

Create it After checking of you pre-out reach based on response of audience you can go forward with your Link bait strategy.

Link bait Techniques

  • Post interesting pool and surveys
  • Place top ten listings
  • Funny videos
  • Promote interviews
  • Widgets
  • Cover breaking news
  • Awards
  • Previews
  • Discuss about controversial topics
  • Cover Infographics


  • Natural and Ethical method for a valuable link building
  • Improvement in search engine rankings
  • Increases website traffic
  • Cost effective technique
  • Long term advantages
  • Increase in conversion rates
  • Increase Reputation and Authority
  • Improve visibility of website
  • Gets popularity to the website

Examples of Link bait

Now here we take three categories viral link bait content that public loves: infographics, videos and widgets.

  • Entrepreneurs can change the world (Grasshopper) It’s a great video link bait tells about a story and Grasshopper did just that. They inspired Entrepreneurs all around the world and created a moment to change the world.
  • Fast Lane Volkswagen has spent a lot of time and effort in their viral videos this time with the help of DDB Stockholm.
  • Social media in Business-Fortune 100 Statistics This takes a look at the Fortunes 100’s Social Media presence. Dividing conversation marketing, video marketing, blogging and social networking channels.
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