How to identify right keywords for your online business

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects in any Search Engine Optimization initiative.  Keyword research is the procedure of identifying proper keywords to use when developing a strategy to promote a website or a product using search engine marketing. Main aim of identifying the keywords is to attract customers (or visitors) to our site through search engines. Keyword Phrase Research is processes of selecting the most "optimum performance" keyword phrases that can help visitors find your website.

Keywords are terms that are relevant to the products and services which your website offers. Keywords can be single word, two or three word phrases.
Key words are three types:

  1. Generic keywords (short tail keywords or single word keyword)
  2. Broad match keywords
  3. Long tail keywords

Generic keywords (short tail keywords or single word keyword)

Keyword of Single word is used to target a great traffic but leads to highly competition kind of sites. Single keyword known as generic Keyword(s). Single keyword does not help to target a specific page for a specific audience.
Even though, Keyword of Single word helps in bringing huge traffic but these terms are mostly not relevant these days, as visitors mostly use two or three keywords to find out their required information.

Example: Keyword “software” will produce result of all the web sites related to software websites like: antivirus software, video software, mobile software, billing software…etc…

Broad match keywords

Keyword of two or more words is used to focus on a specific traffic that leads to generate high sales, get top position in search results listings as well as improves page rank competition. Keywords of two or more words are known as Specific Keyword(s) where we focus on specific visitors.  Keyword of Multiple words helps to target a specific page for specific visitors.

Example: software download, free software etc…

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are a nature of keyword phrase that has a minimum of 3 or a lot of words within the phrase. Long tail keywords are used once the web site desires to filter search terms to the net page; moreover as once the guests are searching for one thing slightly specific. Like traditional keywords, long tail keywords are to outline what\'s on the net page and what the publisher desires to be found underneath in computer programs and on search engine results pages. These keywords are extremely specific, and draw less traffic for the web site; however tend to draw a lot of quality traffic, that leads in additional conversions than traditional keywords. Long tail keywords may also be utilized by publishers and guests in several ways.

Example: Software Company in India, software providers in Hyderabad, best travelling services in India… etc..,

keyword research and analysis

Keyword placement: How it helps to website?

Keyword in URL

Keyword in the URL helps to search engine results. For example:
Where “website designing’” is the keyword phrase where we attempt to rank well. We don’t need to depend on having them in the URL. The domain name and URL helps to index on search engines.

Keyword in anchor text

Anchor text is link test or clickable text in a hyperlink. If a website has keyword in the anchor text in a link from other websites it will helps to your site.
The words contained within the anchor text will help your page to be ranked for the keywords you wanted to get ranked for. Take example if you  want to get your  home page ranked for the term “Seo services“, you need to find ways to create links from other websites that must contain your home page URL in the anchor text for the “Seo services”

The best way to create links on other websites is through article postings, blog commenting, guest postings etc.

Keywords in headings(h1, h2, h3)

Keywords in header tags also important, before placing make sure that the website has actual text about the particular keyword. It is good to have as many headings on a page as possible even though it may be pointless to have a heading after every paragraph. Especially in the keywords headings.

Keywords in "ALT" attribute

Search engines are doesn’t read the images but they read the textual description in the alt tag.  if you give alt tag for your website image you will get visitors by image also.

Keyword phrases

Keyword phrases contains of several words which can be adjusted in addition to keywords “Software Company in India” It is best when the keyword phrases we optimize are accepted ones, so we can get a lot of accurate matches of the search string but sometimes it makes sense to adjust for 2 or 3 separate keywords (“Software Company in India”) than for one phrase that might irregularly get an exact match.

Factors of keywords

  • Your keywords need to be specific. If your keywords are too general, you have the chance of attracting visitors searching for something different than what you provide.
  • Think as your customers do. Create a listing of all the words your customers might use to find the product or services you provide.
  • Use descriptive words to complement your terms.
  • Search for several variations of your keywords, for example synonyms or plural forms, to cover several terms closely connected with what you are doing.
  • Analyze your competition. Maybe you'll discover some keywords you have forgotten to use however are relevant to your business as well.
  • Use keyword tools. They will assist you select keywords that are often searched for as well as show you what competition they need. In different words, keyword tools assist you get prior your competition
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