B2C Internet Marketing Strategies

B2C Internet Marketing Strategies

B2C or Business-To-Consumer Internet Marketing Strategy traces its origins to both online and offline trade, but the acronym B2C has come to mainly describe the online variety. B2C businesses played a large role in the rapid development of the commercial Internet in the late 20th century. B2C business attracted large sums of venture capital in the form of free online services and discounted shopping, spurring adoption of the new medium.

However, when the capital markets turned sour the B2C companies were among the first to fall. Many companies tried to follow the herd of investors by undergoing a B2C to B2B makeover. However, some analysts still predict that online consumer businesses will thrive again, but not as big and fast as earlier. Many niche businesses are opting for business to consumer internet marketing strategies to gain online popularity, however they need to follow some strategies.
Business to consumer internet marketing strategies’ are basically meant to promote the products or services to consumers using the internet. An ideally designed Business to Consumer internet marketing strategy can help in increase internet traffic, and ultimately help in increasing the online sales of products or services. These strategies are meant to target select customers or customer base; keeping in mind a few things such as, who are the customers, campaign budget, relevancy, minimizing risk for customers, setting up a follow up system, as well as creating an enticing advertising campaign, and analyze, repeat, track and monitor advertisements. A planned and organized business to consumer internet marketing campaign strategy can be created taking into account the above factors.

Designing an effective business to consumer internet marketing campaign strategy has gained importance in modern times, as its’ the most cost effective manner in which a product or service can be advertised or promoted to customers. In contrast to newspaper, radio and TV marketing campaign strategies; internet marketing campaign strategies, allow the promoter to promote product or service to maximum number of people without spending much time or money. Internet marketing campaign strategies are meant to distribute information to consumers quickly, cheaply and easily using Search Engine Marketing (SEM), banner ads, but also e-mail marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and affiliate marketing to promote products and services online.

An effective business to consumer internet marketing campaign strategy should be centered around a few things, namely

  1. Properly analyze exact requirement for developing an internet marketing campaign strategy
  2. Develop an effective web promotion plan as well as web designing strategy.
  3. Use effective search engine optimization techniques.
  4. Use of email marketing campaigns.
  5. Develop an effective niche marketing campaign using the services of various affiliates, reseller, and associates for specific purpose.
  6. Develop and enhance the responses to customers on the email list.
  7. Publish articles or news stories to promote products or services wherever possible.
  8. Publish attractive online press releases to promote the products or services.
  9. Maximize buyer participation by creating an online contest using the website.
  10. Create an effective blogging campaign as that will allow better and faster interaction not just between campaigners and visitors but also between visitors.

An internet marketing strategy comes in handy to promote a product or service, not just because they are cheap, but also because of reach. As internet travels through satellite, so wherever a person has computer and can access internet, he/she can view a promotional campaign related to a product/service. As accessing internet does not require setting up of a dedicated infrastructure; and just by using a wi-fi connection people can promote or view a product/service. As such internet can help people to develop a creative marketing campaign, targeted at any particular individual or group of individual or business.

Campaigners can design an effective business to consumer internet marketing strategy to add more zing to their campaigns, by using software tools to enhance the look of product or service. These low cost internet marketing campaign strategies can be used by businesses with tight budget to market their products online, and reach out to maximum number of people within a short period. All one needs to do is to develop proper software codes to make the product or service viewable in a presentable manner, and post it on the internet. An efficiently designed business to consumer internet marketing campaign strategy is an amalgamation of strategy, software design, advertising skills, and sales pitch to get instant response from consumers on their products or services.
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