Internet Marketing and its Advantages

Internet marketing, also called online marketing or just e-marketing can be considered a new age marketing strategy that has come into use since the advent of internet to promote products or services. Through internet marketing, anyone who wants to promote any sort of product or service can do so without spending much. Internet marketing has allowed people to distribute information in ways, which are not only easily understood but are fast, cheap and easy. Under internet marketing, methods such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), banner ads, e-mail marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and affiliate marketing are used to promote products and services.

Internet Marketing Vs. Paper/Radio/TV Marketing

Newspaper marketing allows people/readers to read about a product or service, in a maximum of 1 page or 2 page but it was never considered live. The advent of radio marketing allowed people to hear more about the products and services in a manner that was considered more lively and so was used as a marketing toll till the mass use of television as a media started.  TV allowed people to hear and see what the products are and virtually feel them; but there were disadvantages. Promotional campaigns on TV are even though costly to make, promoters spend a lot of money to get prime slots in between programs to promote their products or services. The promotional campaigns in-between live had the biggest impact on the TV viewing public. Even though TV based marketing campaigns was considered livelier than radio, its reach was limited to places were cable connection or a TV was available.

Internet Marketing-Benefits

Unlike paper/radio/TV marketing; internet based marketing campaigns are not just a cheaper method to promote a product or service, its reach is virtually unlimited as internet travels through satellite. So wherever a person has a computer and can access internet with a device such as modem, he/she can view a marketing campaign of a product or service. Also accessing internet does not require setting up of a dedicated infrastructure. Using just a wi-fi connection people can do anything on the internet, whether promote or just view any product or service; or vote for the product or services.

Internet has allowed people to create designer marketing campaigns that can be used to target any particular individual/group of individual/businesses. Internet marketers can add more zing to their marketing campaigns by using a variety of customized software tools that can help to enhance the look of the product or service on the vast and unlimited internet. The low cost of internet marketing also allows people with tight budgets to still market their products online, and reach out to maximum number of people with in a short period of time. A major advantage of using the internet as a marketing tool is the least time required to promote the products or service.

Only thing that is essential in internet marketing is writing of some specific codes that make the product or service viewable in the most presentable manner and can be uploaded on the internet. By using internet marketing as an option, people can get instant response on the viability of their products or services owing to the interactive nature of internet. Through internet marketing, selling products and services online becomes real easy. All one needs to do, is to register properly to buy or sell products or services. All in all internet marketing amalgamation of marketing strategy, software design, advertising skills, and sales pitch. This guide on internet marketing will allow people to more about the various aspects of internet marketing.

Advantages of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a low cost method of advertising products and services to anyone in any part of the world. All one needs is a computer, an internet connection, ownership of some domain names and some enticing sales strategies, targeting a particular individual or group of individuals or a business. Unlike billboard/ newspaper/radio/TV marketing; creating an online marketing campaign is much easier, is less costly as compared to other methods, is more targeted and can be easily tracked. An internet marketer communicates with potential customers by placing ad campaigns on a website that are seen by users, by creating awareness about his websites, and eventually help to boost online trade.

Impact of Internet Marketing

Internet marketers can easily keep track of returns on investment made, track number of users’ and communicate directly with regular visitors to the sites or pages used by internet marketer. This way internet marketing allows manufacturers to not just popularize their products online, but helps customers to pick and choose, which marketing campaigns they will like to be associated with; instead of spending time on going through TV advertisement.

Internet marketing allows potential customers to first go through products and services, and then buy at their own convenient time. All, internet marketers’ need to do is to keep track of number of viewers who are browsing through there websites or marketing campaigns using methods such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), blog marketing, banner ads, email marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, as well as geo-marketing.


1. Internet marketers can use various methods to generate revenues such as pay per impression, pay per play, pay per click, or pay per action.

2. Internet marketers can decide who can watch which campaign, the campaign are more targeted, something that is not available in other campaigns such as billboard advertising.

3. Internet marketing helps create a greater sense of accountability with advertisers and producers directly collaborating with each other to market a product.

4. Internet marketers can operate out of their homes, thus saving a lot on establishment expenditure.

5. The low startup costs and low operating costs allows the internet marketers to maximize their profits as per their liking.

6. The internet marketers need to spend very little to market products. They can submit free ads, use search engines to advertise products, which not necessarily are their own products.

7. Since internet marketing can be from home the marketers can market products at their own convenience, without worrying about time. These marketers campaigns can be viewed round the clock any where in the world.

8. The more the online internet marketing campaigns create business, the less work the marketer has to do; as ad campaigns stay alive as long time as the marketer wishes.

9. As the internet marketer works on his own, he does not have to worry about getting fired from the job. However they do need is to keep in touch with other internet marketers already in the business, as they can help develop newer and better marketing strategies.

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