Who Is An Internet Marketer?

Internet marketing is a new age tool to advertise and sell products and services. An internet marketer directly or indirectly brings together the product and service providers and potential customers. The internet marketer creates an enticing sales pitch for anything that forces the customers to have a look into the product or service.

Nowadays with internet generating lot of revenue, as such more and more companies are looking forward to establish their presence on the internet. A company establishes a website, which tells about the company in total; including what the company does, what are the type of products or service it sells; the websites also tell about, how to buy and sell products and services online. This is where internet marketer comes in.

What an Internet Marketer Does?

With numerous websites going online, there is huge amount of information available on internet; this often creates a clutter of information. The internet marketer uses his knowledge about the product or service, as well as his knowledge in software and sales to create a sales pitch for the products or services, and sell to product directly to the customer or to businesses. The internet marketer creates an enticing sales pitch in such a manner that people are forced to go through the products and services. As more people view the products and services, the visibility of the products and services increase.

To increase the visibility of the products and services the internet marketer uses strategies such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), banner ads on particular websites, writing e-mails for doing email marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, blog marketing as well as geo-marketing or geo-targeting to make the products and services visible to the maximum viewers living in maximum number of places.

As internet marketing is still a growing sector, and with the availability of millions of web pages that people visit everyday; all an internet marketer has to do, is to create awareness or visibility about the products and services. With increased visibility, the chances of number of people viewing the products and services across the world increases. As the number of people who view the products and services increases, so does the popularity of products and services.

Make Money

The internet marketer using some domain names; can make lot of money for himself. He has to create such marketing campaigns that are understood by all type of people who log on to the internet, at any place; night/day. These include everyone from a school going kid to a millionaire or a just an educated curious visitor.

As the internet is virtually available anywhere, people in any part of the world can log on to the internet and search for a product or service. An internet marketer generates revenue by ensuring that a visitor clicks the links, reads the emails sent by him, or purchases products or services marketed by him to get paid.

A major way of using internet marketing to make money is PPC (Pay-Per-Click), where as an advertiser the internet marketer needs to pay to the search engine (who has given space for you to advertise in their website), but only when a online viewer clicks on the advertisement. For a viewer to click on the ad displayed on the search engine, the ad has to be short, easy to understand and captivating to click on it.

A search engine PPC Ad should have a

1. Ad Title.

2. Two description lines.

3. Display URL.

An advertisement title should be of maximum length of 25 characters including spaces with title written to attract users who are interested in the products or services. The 2 description should have a maximum length of 35 characters including spaces. These two lines should be effective enough to sell the product or service and convince the user to click on the ad and purchase it. The Display URL should have a maximum length of 35 characters including spaces. This shows the name of the website, the user visits, once he clicks on your ad.

Types of Ads

1. Text Ads: They are the most popularly used Ads according to search engines. They are also search engine friendly. This depends on the bidding that you make for your Ads. The higher the Bid, the better the placement of your ads to gain more web traffic in Google.This also depends on the type of keywords used in the title and description of the ads.

2. Banner Ads: Though their importance is decreased now-a-days, banner ads are still considered important incase of websites. The banner ads are considered to be one of the most proven methods of gaining web traffic to your website.

3. Video Ads: These types of ads have also been used in many of the websites like Youtube.com, filmchamber.com etc. to gain more web traffic to your website.

The placement of advertisement in search engines depends on several factors including bidding amount, Click Through Rate (CTR), and impressions.

In an affiliate marketing ad for an Ebook campaign for a client, the cost of the Ebook is assumed at US$70. To earn a 50% commission from client for the PPC campaign, if advertiser bids 0.5 cents per click for the placement of advertisement in the search engine, each of the click of the online user to your ad makes you give 0.5 cents to the search engine. Assuming that advertiser is spending US $25 for the ad campaign he makes a profit of US$10 per day. This means that people can make a profit of US$10 per day on 1 PPC campaign or US$300 per month by just monitoring the advertisement campaign on a daily basis.

Realities of Internet Marketing


Internet marketing industry though can generate lots of money; it has its own pitfalls. Internet marketing requires use of new technologies, if anyone is not aware of new technologies; he may not be able to develop his own online business. Also if the viewer does not understand new technologies such as web 2.0 or flash or anything similar, it will be hard for internet marketers to make viewers understand what product he is promoting. Online marketing campaign style also has a bearing on how many people view the product campaigns. There are also other security concerns with respect to spread of internet marketing and trading.

Disadvantages and Possible Remedies

If the internet marketing campaigns are lackluster or too flashy, chances are that the online viewer being targeted may entirely forego the advertisements, resulting in loss of time and effort on part of the internet marketing. So its better to create advertising campaigns that are simple and easily understood. So its essential to spend money initially.

Other factors also influence the internet marketing campaigns, such as complicated websites or low-speed internet connections can deprive individuals the ability to view the sites as they are. As such better internet connectivity is of utmost importance.

Also problems such as information security, which both internet marketing companies and online consumers try to protect hampers expansion of online business. Online consumers consequent to the various frauds committed online since the past few years, have become hesitant to disclose important information such as bank details and other information, this also hampers sale of various products over the internet, though encryption has emerged as a solution to protect sensitive information from going into the hands of wrong elements. As such customer protection is a must, to expand online trading.

Also buyers inability to try out sample products beforehand, also limits the scope of online business, if they buy the product, but are not satisfied they are left with no option but to keep it. Another problem is that there is no regular supply of goods purchased online. If a satisfied customer wants to buy another product, the internet marketers inability to supply additional products, also limits the scope of internet marketing. However guaranteed return policies, sufficient storage and prompt delivery can solve the problem.

Another problem the customers face, is that often they buy products online that are not exactly what same they ordered online. So developing an effective feedback system and prompt customer service; and making transactions trouble free will help in expanding internet marketing and trading of products and services. Internet marketing has severally affected the music industry worldwide; with customers buying and downloading music for free. This has resulted in huge loss to the industry. So attempts should be made to secure their intellectual property rights.