Problems with Facebook and Twitter

Facebook’s growth has been phenomenal as the world’s no. 1 social networking site with over 500 million users beating Google’s orkut to become the most visited website in the US. Though Mark Zukerberg once famously said ‘Soon there will be nothing private in social networking’ the website has also lately being receiving lot of flak for its privacy policies. With people sharing various kinds of information on social networking site like Facebook, feverish marketing campaigns can sometimes result in a compromise on an account holders' privacy.

1.    Sometimes what happens is that a website will issue an updated private profile stating that if someone connect with an application or website it will have access to general Information including friends’ names, profile pictures, gender, user IDs, connections, and any content shared to be shared by “everyone.” Privacy settings allow viewers to see only what can be seen on profile. If one is uncomfortable in relation to be publicly known, one should not log into facebook.

2.    Another problem facing Facebook is the glitches, for example e-mail addresses that Facebook users wanted to keep hidden were revealed publicly on numerous Facebook profiles due to software glitches even though it was later resolved by Facebook.

3.    Facebook is prone to phishing scam and hacking with recent reports of a hacker in Russia trying to sell details of over 1.5 million profiles to the highest bidder.

4.    Facebook suffered a major security scare few months back when a software glitch allowed people to snoop on to their friends' private chats, and even view their pending friend requests. It forced Facebook to temporarily disable chat.

5.    Fake or multiple profiles are a serious problem affecting Facebook as many people either have multiple profiles and present themselves as different persons in each of them or they impersonate as famous personalities.

6.    An attack on Twitter last month affected hundreds of thousands of users when a "onmouseover" security flaw which took people to sites whether it was related or not by just putting their mouse over the link affected thousands of users. One of affected was the British prime minister's wife, Sarah Brown and visitors to her Twitter page were sent to a hardcore porn site in Japan.

7.    Problem is some users appeared to have use the flaws social networking sites for fun, but it invites cybercriminals to unleash more malicious and harmful attacks on networks and computer systems.

8.    Sometime back a new variation of Koobface virus that directs users to a fake YouTube page where they are encouraged to install malware has been the cause of major security concern.

9.    Applications  like 'Facebook - closing down!!!' and 'Error Check System' that were downloaded by users allowed cyber hackers to access to their profiles and personal information, and unwittingly forward fake messages to their friends, also encouraging them to download the programs.

10.    Facebook being people centric and dependent on user interaction is pro e to attacks by virus that don’t look malicious initially.

11.    Facebook application and third party applications are not vetted resulting in their unfettered release in the  social network public domain.

12.    Problem with Facebook logins are related to the Facebook page loading only partially or not at all while the second category contain problems related to the Facebook login itself.

13.    While the first category of problems is easy to fix by clearing the browser cache or trying to access Facebook with another web browser. Also login problems associated with Internet Service Provider also results in problems connecting to Facebook and can be solved by waiting some time and trying to access the page again.

14.    Another problem associated to the Facebook login is that the login to be successful, it’s a must to have a Facebook plug in application software installed for access which is not the case with Orkut or Twitter.

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