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Green IT-Needs, Uses, Implications-Part 2

Power/Storage/Display Systems   Normally desktop Power Supply Units (PSUs) are efficient enough to save 70–75% energy and dissipate remaining energy as heat; while some save upto 80%. Storage systems like small sized hard disks consume less power than larger hard drives. Solid-state drives that store data in flash memory can reduce power consumption further. As hard drive store more data available online this has increased power consumption, however use of large storage arrays can bring...
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Green IT-Needs, Uses, Implications-Part 1

Introduction   Green IT or green computing generally refers to use of environmentally sustainable methods of computing or IT.  As such green computing can be termed as not just the study and practice to design, manufacture, use, and disposal of a variety of computer hardware and associated subsystems such as monitors, storage devices, printers, and networking and communications systems and even servers with little or no impact on environment; but also recycling them once they...
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